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Change your thinking to change your life

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind that most of us move through naturally without even realising. It’s a little like becoming engrossed in a really good book or film or finding yourself driving along a long boring road and suddenly realising that you are almost at your destination and not remembering the last few miles.

It is safe and you will never be made to do anything you do not want to. You may or may not remember all that is said but your powerful subconscious will do and will act accordingly.

Hypnotherapy for Change
Hypnosis can help with a wealth of issues and below is a list of many but it is not exhaustive

Stress management
Weight loss including Hypno Gastric Band

(The benefits of Gastric band surgery at a fraction of the cost and with none of the risks associated with a surgical procedure)
Smoking cessation
Exam stress
Driving tests
Public speaking
Pain relief

If the issue you have is not on the list, please call or text me to discuss it to see if we can work together towards a solution.

If you want to understand why you always self sabotage. If you want to increase your confidence manage your stress levels or just sleep better at night, unlock the power of your subconscious and get the results you want.

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1st time I’d ever had hypnotherapy ever. I had been feeling overwhelmed with work life challenges throughout my sessions I have had a calmness peacefulness a sense of empowerment that had been fractured. Debbie has help build me up helped me focus and encouraged me to reaffirm my belief in me again. Will always recommend in any situation.

Female age 49

Change your thinking to change your life...

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